FCC Future Collision Coin

You don't have to trade Bitcoin to become super rich

Our story is your success!

We are a young and dynamic startup from Würzburg, Germany. We want to change the world of Bitcoin finance in a sustainable way by using blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We will generate future income from which even your grandchildren will benefit. Sounds good?

How does it work?

Crypto currencies like Bitcoin uses cryptographic keys to ensure nobody can take the money. But the keys are limited. The more wallets are generated, the higher the likelihood that one of the keys already exists. This case is called a cryptographic collision. This is where Future Collision Coin (FCC) comes into play: This is a paid service, that will generate packages containing thousands of private Bitcoin keys (FCC's) for you. Simply download and store the packages in a safe place. Maybe one of the FCC's will contain funds in the future.

Will I be informed?

How to recognize if a FFC contain funds? We will not store any packages for you. This is not safe enough. But you can return from time to time, upload your key packages and verify the collision status of the addresses. If one of the FCC's contain funds you will get an alert and the party can start.

Are the keys unique?

Yes! Absolutely! We have created a super high performance algorithm that ensures that every key will only be generated once and never again! Due to this fact, we can provide you high quality private key packages. Every key generated by this service is absolutely unique and will never be delivered to other users again.

Is it illegal?

This sounds suspicious! Is it illegal?


Generate and download your FCC package

Here you can generate your FCC's. Use the slider to define your package size and price:

Generate 500000 FCC's for 50$

Upload FCC package and find collisions


Colliding crypto addresses are very rare! The investment in possibly existing private future keys (FCC's) carries a high risk. You may lose your entire investment.

Never use the generated keys for real transactions! This service will generate real private Bitcoin keys. But the cryptographic random source of the generator is not very trustworthy. It is made for speed and not for security. Furthermore the generation of keys in the browser is not very safe as they could get grabbed through malware or other attacks. So never use the generated keys for real transactions!

This service will generate real Bitcoin addresses. But it will not realy check your bitcoin keys for a contained ballance. This is because the collision of bitcoin adresses is very rare. Furthermore the collision is so unlikely that it would be more likely that the check function contains an error. Therefore, we decided to leave it empty. That's safer and will lead to the same result.

As you suspected, the generated keys are not necessarily unique, as collisions can occur in the future. This means that even your FCC's can get stolen through this service. Crap! What a scam! Yes you are right! But cryptocurrencies cause big problems. So donate now before it's too late: Welthungerhilfe, betterplace.org, WWF, Sea Shepherd